Dakota Energy has two Meco electric grills available and all the accessories that are available for purchase. Call for pricing (605) 352-8591 or (800) 353-8591.

Deluxe Electric Cart Grill
Deluxe Electric Cart Grill

  • Three heating elements positions, including vertical for optional rotisserie cooking
  • Variable thermostatic controls with a 1500 watt UL-listed heating element specifically designed for barbequing with an On/Off light
  • 200 square inches of cooling space
  • Sturdy cart with square tube legs
  • 2 side shelves for easy use
  • Handy grease pan
  • Standard 120 volt grounded plug
  • Easy rolling wheels
  • Safe for outdoor grilling
  • $218.66

Deluxe Tabletop Electric Grill

Deluxe Table Top Grill

  • 1500 watt element and 200 sq. inches of cooking surface
  • 200 square inches of cooking space
  • Three-position cooking element
  • With three heating positions, this grill is capable of (1) creating a zone of even heat for traditional grilling, (2) creating a versatile zone of different temperatures for cooking medium, rare and well-done simultaneously and (3) converting to a fully vertical position for rotisserie grilling (rotisserie sold separately).
  • With its thermostatic control and 1500-watt, UL and CUL-listed heating element, this grill plugs into any standard household outlet.
  • A grease cup sets on the back of the pedestal base to catch grease for gravy and easier clean up.
  • For outdoor use only.
  • $150.21


Grill Element

  • $58.83

Grill Rotisserie

  • $66.96

Grill Cover

  • $15.67