After Hours Dispatch

Dakota Energy Cooperative has partnered with Cooperative Response Center, Inc. (CRC), a nationwide, 24/7 contact center, to assist with its dispatching needs. With locations in Abilene, Texas, Austin, Minnesota, Dunlap, Tennessee, and Kirksville, Missouri, CRC specializes in call handling and dispatching line crews.

When you call Dakota Energy Cooperative to report an outage, your call is immediately routed to the contact center where knowledgeable staff members can address your concerns regarding electrical emergencies or other inquiries.

Reporting An Outage

To report outages or other power quality problems, call toll-free 1-800-353-8591. When reporting a problem, give the name on your bill and your address (as identified on your billing statement). Remember! Never go near downed power lines. Treat every electrical line as if it were energized.

  1. Check your fuses or circuit breakers, including those on the meter pole, to see if they have blown or tripped. (Members may be billed for a service call if the trouble is caused by the member’s own fuses or equipment.)
  2. If the problem is not with your electric service, call a neighbor to see if other people are also out of power.
  3. Leave a light on so you will know when the power has been restored.
  4. Unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as TV’s and computers.