Teaching Kids the Importance of Electricity

On Friday, May 4, 2018, Member Services Representative Greg Palmer performed 12 Farm Safety demonstrations using the power farm display at Agtegra’s facility at the Wolsey Terminal. It was for about 180 fifth graders participating in the “Fuel Up to 60” program in the Huron School District. The kids also visited Agtegra’s facility, the Russell Jungemann Lazy J Dairy, and the Glenn Jungemann farm.

Covering fun facts about electricity and how dangerous it can be was emphasized during these safety presentations. Everyone likes to play outdoors, so knowing where the power lines are located is a very important concept for children to learn. The Cooperative’s power farm display was used to teach these facts. When the students actually see what can happen if someone climbs on trees that are located too close to a power line or if a vehicle touches a downed power line, they begin to understand the dangers of electricity. Watching a transformer explode when the metal ladder touches a service makes quite an impression as portrayed in the student’s poster (below).

By providing education to students, they begin to develop an understanding of why it is important to stay away from power lines and equipment. They also learn to assume a downed power line is still hot, to stay away, call 911 and the utility company to report it. For more information on power line safety, click here.

Student's poster showing what would happen if you touched a power box.

Here’s a student’s poster showing what would happen if you touched a power box (padmount transformer).

As part of our culture of safety and public education, Dakota Energy would be happy to schedule a safety presentation for your group. Please contact the Member Services Department at 605-352-8591 or 1-800-353-8591 for more information.