Dakota Energy Board Passes Resolution

Dakota Energy Cooperative Board passed Resolution 22-1. The resolution strives to recognize and respond to the concern delivered by member-owners through the recent Board of Directors election results.

The Board Resolution states it is in the best interest of the member-owners to allow the appeal to proceed to a decision to utilize litigation expenses already incurred.
The Dakota Energy Cooperative Board vote is intended to reassure member-owners that their voice has been heard by members of the Board. Resolution 22-1 concludes with the following action statement:

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE lT RESOLVED that the Dakota Energy Board of Directors commits to its member-owners that, if the appeal is successful and a buy-out number is obtained, the Board will not vote to leave East River Electric without first submitting the matter to the member-owners for a vote.”

In other news, the Dakota Energy Cooperative Board elected Darrell Raschke to serve as the Cooperative’s representative on the East River Electric Board of Directors, replacing outgoing Board Member David Allen.