Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week

Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 is Annie Keeter, a senior at Miller High School with a 3.93 grade point average.

Her excellence in the classroom has been recognized by the National Honor Society. She also plays Basketball and Volleyball and runs Track as well as keeping an eye out for volunteer opportunities in the community.

Annie Keeter says one of the reasons she has been successful in school is that early on she decided to make her education a priority and accept nothing less than her best. “I think I do well in school because probably since 4th Grade it’s just always been really important to me and I’ve just always had it in myself that I wanted to do well.”

Annie says one benefit she has had in her schooling is the actual school community itself; the small nature of Miller High School has helped her to make good friends and those friendships have been the support network she needed to do all the hard work she’s had to do. “How you like work in high school is probably how it’s going to be the rest of your life and that it’s all about the relationships you make with your teachers and your friends. Because in 20 years you’re not going to remember your test scores or how many points you made in the basketball game, they’ll remember how you made them feel and what type of person you were.”

Annie was nominated to be a Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week by her principal, Steve Schumacher. who has high praise for the soon to be high school graduate. “Her grades have always been good throughout high school. She works hard to maintain her good grades. She’s also active in many activities. She’s been in student council, sports. She’s a very people-oriented person. A very caring person.”

Annie says she is ready for the new challenge that will come this Fall. “After graduation I’m going to attend NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota for nursing.”

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Annie receives a $100 scholarship from Dakota Energy Cooperative which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative. Annie is the daughter of Jim and Chris Keeter. Congratulations, Annie!