Hands of Hope Color Run

It was a drizzly day on Saturday, July 25th. The question was would it be a good day to hold the 1st Annual Hands of Hope Color Run? The answer was yes! A little rain would only help to make the color stick to the shirts better.

There were 162 people who registered to walk/run in the fund raiser and Dakota Energy employee Greg Palmer and his family were among those people. The course was two miles long beginning and ending at Crystal Park in Miller. There were six color stations posted along the route and each one had a different color. Every time a participant passed by a color station, they had the option of running through a set of cones where another color was added to their shirt. At the end of the course, a fire truck was spraying water on the participants to set the colors on the shirts.

The participants donated $5,000 through free will offering the day of the race, Modern Woodman donated $2,500 with the remaining money coming from the 62 sponsors, one of which was Dakota Energy. A total of $12,500 was raised.
The proceeds of this worthy cause will go to help those coping with cancer in Hand County.